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I used an early grain measure from New Hampshire in it's original blue & oyster white paint for my "Pinkeep".
The top is a 19th century Indigo star calico with early blue ticking hand stitched to the edge. This is attached to the measure with tiny rusty nails. The measure is filled with early batting and scented buckwheat hulls.
I designed a "thread pouch" which is sewn to the side of the measure. It is done with an early Indigo calico & homespun. 2 spools of old thread and some assorted early fabrics with an old sewing needle fill the pouch.
A needle case is sewn from 19th century Indigo silk velvet and assorted early calicoes and homespuns. The front has a flag star and early homespun, that ties up with calico and sewing needles are added.
Old straight pins, early bone buttons and other sewing tools add to this spectacular piece! 
PRICE: $193.00 USA Shipping Included!
"The Ed Burgess House"
This is our home in Ashland City, Tn.
It is a "Dog - Trot" style log home originally built around 1850. We absolutely LOVE it!