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         Welcome To   Of Cloth And  Hand

BOBBETTE GRIFFIN                    Email   fourcedarsfarm@aol.com
556 COOP ROAD                                          to request a special order or to
Bell Buckle, TN 37020                                 purchase an item from Bobbette's                      
                                                                          Pages 3, 5, 7 or 9

ANGELA M. HILLSTROM           Email  olderaggsusa@aol.com
1075 Ed Burgess Road                                to request a special order or to
Ashland City, TN 37015                              purchase an item from Angela's
                                                                         Pages 2,4,6, or 10

*U.S.A. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED in  the pricing of each item.
*Payment is expected within 7 days of purchase.... 
**SPECIAL ORDERS must be paid in full before work is begun on that special order.

                         We Appreciate Each & Every Purchase !! 

To view prices move your mouse arrow to the picture of the item wait 2-3 seconds and information will pop up....OR click on a photo and the information is at the bottom of each photo...not every photo will have info.  Clarity, Color and Brightness will be different on any computer... If photo's appear too dark you may need to adjust your computer brightness and/or contrast ....Thank you!!!!    

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